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Wedding Planning

When you choose to hold your wedding at Northside Farm, you’re given exclusive use of the venue all weekend. You have access to the barn from 12-5pm on Friday, giving you plenty of time to set-up any decorations you may have. This makes the morning of your wedding day much more relaxed and stress-free.

Here’s everything you need to know about setting-up the day before your Northside Farm wedding, plus a few hints and tips to help you along the way…

barn wedding ceremony decorated with flowers and foliage


People often underestimate how long it takes to pack and transport everything to the farm. To avoid losing valuable time, make sure you have everything ready to go the evening before.

It’s also a good idea to organise everything by location. Store items for the bar, barn, gingang etc in separate, clearly labelled boxes. You can also sort name tags, decor and centrepieces by table. This will make it easier when delegating jobs.

Which reminds us – ask for help! You only need a couple of extra pairs of hands. Too many people can slow things down and increase stress-levels. Enlist your most reliable, efficient friends or family members.

Don’t forget to bring any supplies you may need like tape, blue tac, pins, batteries and tea lights. We’d also recommend packing a few snacks to keep everyone going. Alternatively, we can provide them for you – just ask!


Your time in the barn on Friday is limited, so it’s best to make it your priority. Five hours seems like a lot, but it’ll go pretty fast! The wigwams are open throughout your stay, so we recommend leaving these till last.

barn wedding setting-up the day before round tables for wedding breakfast


If you have any specific requests or change your mind about things we’ve previously discussed, let us know in advance and we’ll make sure it’s all set-up, ready for your arrival.

You might want to consider asking some of your suppliers if they’re available to be onsite the day before. If they do need to deliver things on the morning of your wedding, just let us know approximately what time they’ll be arriving so we can make sure someone is at the farm to greet them.


Don’t worry, if you’re unable to complete everything. Our team will be happy to finish things off for you on the morning of your wedding day.

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