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Wedding Planning

Aside from your new husband or wife, the only tangible things you really keep from your wedding day are the rings you exchange and the photos capturing it all. When it comes to choosing a photographer, the whole process can feel incredibly overhwleming. Where do you start, and once you’ve made a decision, how do you ensure you’re getting the most from your chosen wedding photographer?

Here are a few things to consider when deciding who will capture your wedding day…

jamie mac wedding photographer northside farm jamie mac wedding photographer northside farm

Do Your Research

There are literally hundreds of incredible photographers at your disposal. Start putting together examples of images you like, visit wedding shows and talk to photographers about their style. Decide whether you prefer a candid, reportage feel, something more traditional or even a bit of both. Think about what you don’t want too. Your photographer is not a mind-reader, so if you don’t want time-consuming group shots, tell them.

Set a Budget

Give yourselves a realistic budget for your photography. Work out what’s important to you and how long you want your photographer present. Wedding day prep, the ceremony, the reception, the evening soiree – the list goes on and on!  Most photographers have set packages that dictate their hours of coverage, so make sure you check what’s included.

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Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer

This person will be with you during some of your most candid, personal moments. It’s vital that you know your photographer well and, more importantly, like them! Take the time to get to know them and consider an engagement shoot so you can get used to how they work. This will also help you feel more at ease in front of the camera.

Beware of Hidden Extras

Make sure you know exactly what your package includes. Photographers who travel will charge some mileage costs. There may also be a second shooter to help on the day. Find out how many images your package includes and how they are presented to you (prints, disc, cloud, album etc). And consider things like food and accommodation too.

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Put Someone Else in Charge

The goal is for you to have the most memorable day and enjoy every minute. If you can, ask a willing member of your wedding party to assist the photographer with the job of co-ordinating any formal photos. They should know who needs to be in each shot and be good at rounding people up quickly.

Listen, Trust, Relax, Smile

Your wedding photographer is a professional. Listen to their advice, trust they know what they’re doing and above all else, relax. You want to look back at your photographs for years to come and be instantly transported to that moment in time.

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Take a deep breath and smile.  Flash, Bang, Wallop – what a picture!!!

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